Monday, May 25, 2009

Well, that seemed to go well

Had a delightful afternoon with my visiting Witch and Son. Thank heavens she didn't feel constrained to throw any spells around. Phew. More coffee, anyone?

Sorry to have taken almost a week to post this, but life and work rose up and devoured all the hours between then and now. And I still  haven't finished the illustrations for Witch Baby and Me After Dark. Aaaaaaarghhhh. This task is turning into a pictorial In( accessible) Pin(nacle). Every morning I tie on my crampons and have another go, but every evening I find myself 
(metaphorically) retreating back to Base Camp, short of oxygen and running out of steam. 

Talking of which, the gym doesn't get any easier. I'm still Mrs Blobby No-Lungs, or She Who Drips. And my old kit fits not - sadly because I'm a different shape ( think wider) and not as I'd fondly imagined, because it had shrunk in the wash. As I drag myself out of the door at 5.35 a.m., it's hard to keep my motivation going when a little Inner Voice of Sedition is muttering something about how comfortable our bed had been and how hard I'm working and how I should cut myself some slack.... Then, as if by magic, I find I'm outside the gym ( Note to Self : must've sleep-driven) and heading through the turnstile into the little Chamber of Cardio-Horror for another forty minutes of gruesome self-flagellation. In a shrunken gym kit. What a vision of loveliness - NOT.

Had wonderful conversation over dinner tonight. Youngest Daughter was saying that when she grows up she wants to write Popular Books for children. There was a silence after she said this, while we all mentally arrived at the corollary - unlike Mumma's Unpopular Books for children.

Oh, groan.


bookwitch said...

I take full responsibility for the lack of progress with the illustrations. Sorry!

Other than that, Debi is a liar. I went to visit expecting a slightly overweight writer, and found a lovely, slim girl. Maybe the clothes are someone else's?

Unknown said...

But of course it is all a matter of self-esteem. What I see in the mirror bears no relation to what anyone else sees - thank heavens.

Ahhh, Bookwitch -what a lovely thing to say, though...the words 'slim' and 'girl' are not ones I'm used to reading. I floated on air for at least two hours after reading your post.

Alwen said...

I am srsly going to tie a string around my finger to remember to A)take my camera to the library and B)take a picture of a bunch of your books on the shelf in beautiful downtown Holland, Michigan!

Just checked the library co-op website, and 12 out of 18 copies of The Trouble With Dragons are checked out.