Monday, December 31, 2012

Love, love, love. And kittens...

Before the year ends, I want to thank everyone who helped me get through the dark days of what my youngest son laughingly refers to as Catgate.  I'm glad he can laugh - I haven't got to that point yet, so I won't dwell.  Catgate, the saga of the Tobermory Cat, still rumbles on, like a war in a far-off place with distant gunfire, shells falling on burnt-out buildings, and munitions dropping onto a territory to which, like the past, I cannot return.

It was horrible. Truly, I had not realised that there was such a lot of hatred out there. But I had also not realised that there was so much love. And the love by far outshone everything. The love came pouring in. Like sunshine. Like light.

So, in the darkness of winter, at the ending of a year I'll be grateful to leave behind, I want to say thankyou. I asked for help from my friends, and you came. You helped. You gave me the gifts of love and time, and I love and thank you for them.

I haven't said thankyou until now because hard on the heels of the above, I lost three great and good friends. Lost is such an inadequate word. It implies I laid my friends down and cannot find them. Which, in a way is sort of true, but I would never have chosen to lay them down. Never. And in a strange way, I can find them. Safe in my heart. Beloved.

But, as you can imagine, when the bells ring in the New Year, along with looking towards the future, whatever it may bring, a large part of me is looking backwards, to people I have loved dearly who will not be travelling alongside.

So. A New Year wouldn't be the same without some resolutions. For these, I commend you to the Tobermory Kitten, and her fluff-brained ideas for her new, improved 2013.

 I resolve to check what's in the kitty waaaay before I set so much as one paw out of the door.
I resolve to spend some of my spare time winding up rats. So predictable, but such fun. 

2013 is going to be the year I get a handle on voodoo. Tonton miawcoute, c'est miaow.