Monday, June 1, 2009

putting my witch to bed

Can't quite believe I've finished the illustrations for Witch Baby and Me After Dark, and not only finished them, but parcelled them up and posted them to London. 

Maybe when I wake up tomorrow morning and automatically think - what am I going to draw today?- and the answer comes - the artwork for a new Mr Bear book, maybe then I'll believe I've done it. Or maybe when I see the hole on my drawing board where WB&MeAD used to be, I'll feel bereft, anti-climatic and flatter than a flat thing.

I tell you, though, WB&MeAD ( as she is known) was a labour of love. One hundred and eighty seven illustrations in all. One hundred and eighty seven? Somebody shut me up.

Here's one of them, fresh out the oven.


Mel said...

Lovely. Someday I'd love to see you in a room with our Mr. Habit. Totally different styles, but both so talented.

bookwitch said...

Aaaahh. So cute.

Cynthia said...

I am so looking forward to this book! Every illustration you've shown us has been so intriguing.