Monday, June 16, 2008

roar of distant thunder

or was it a drum roll?

Ta daaaaaaa.

Introducing She Who Has No Name Yet. We have a history of this nameless thing. It's our understandable reluctance to slap on a label that may well be the wrong one. At least, that's our excuse. In keeping with our lovely Islay, we're looking for Scottish islands names. But with one proviso - whatever it is has to receive the majority vote from all of us who are going to share a house with this dear little puppy.

So far, Cara is a strong contender. Not only a Scottish island but also means 'dear one' in Italian.

Right, must go - poo detail awaits. Who'd've thought one so small had so much inside her?


Mel said...

Oh, I bet my 18# french bulldog could give your as-yet-nameless one a run for her money. A veritable pooping machine, he is.

I think Cara's a lovely option.

knittingwoman said...

our "puppy" is over a year old now, 60 pounds of brindled lab cross. He is constantly amazing us with how many BIG piles he can leave in the yard in 24 hours!!!
p.s. thanks to "dr. mel" for pointing me to your blog. A couple of your books were in heavy rotation when my daughter was younger:)

Alwen said...

I had to hurry and name my latest puppy Ajax (the golden dog), otherwise he'd have been named Buddy. I can't believe my puppy is 7, or is it 8 already?

My thanks to Mel, too, for pointing me over here. The "young adult" section of the library is one of my favorites, and after I read one of your books, I had to order the rest.

thereyougothen said...

Cara is lovely. It's masculine counterpart in Spanish also means expensive. Is that fitting?

Cara in Spanish is I think face. So that doesn't help, does it? But I'm having to learn me some Spanish so I'll just witter on quietly in the corner.

Also, Cara would be easy to shout at the top of your lungs when said dog is off and running.

And please please keep the knitted daughter safe!